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Addmotor M-81 Cargo E-Bike: Power and Safety Combined with UL Certification

2024/6/18 20:16:17

EL MONTE, Calif., June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Addmotor GAROOTAN M-81 cargo electric bike is a revolutionary blend of power, safety, and performance with UL 2849 certification. This innovative electric bike stands out in the era of modern commuting, where sustainability and safety are considered paramount. 

Addmotor M-81 Cargo E-Bike Power and Safety Combined with UL Certification
Addmotor M-81 Cargo E-Bike Power and Safety Combined with UL Certification

This bike is equipped with unique cutting-edge technology and design features to ensure a reliable and safe riding experience. In the article below, let's explore the main features of the M-81 electric bike.

Unique Safety Features of M-81 E-Bike:

UL-2849 Certification:

The GAROOTAN M-81 electric bike signifies its adherence to rigorous safety standards with UL 2849 certification. This certification ensures that the e-bike has undergone rigorous testing, providing you with a safe and dependable transportation solution. Whether you navigate through bustling urban streets or ride on rugged terrains the UL 2849 certifications offer you peace of mind during your rides.

Advance Braking System:

The advanced hydraulic brake system is engineered to minimize friction and deliver maximum braking power during stops. It features 180mm rotors to ensure efficient performance and control. With this responsive braking system, it is suitable for riding in challenging conditions. You can confidently tackle steep descents and smoothly tackle sudden stops with this hydraulic brake system.

Performance Tracking with Multi-Purpose LCD:

Now you can track your cargo electric bike's performance with the advanced multi-purpose EB 2.0 digital display. It shows real-time data on motor output, battery status, PAS level, speed, error codes, and lights. The digital display keeps the rider informed during the ride and diagnoses potential issues as they occur.

Design and Abilities of M-81 Cargo Electric Bike:

Unified Frame Design:

The Addmotor M-81 electric bike features a 6061 alloy aluminum polygon frame. This frame is designed to offer extra durability and strength for heavy-duty use of the bike. It not only increases bike aesthetics by also offers stable and integrated structures for all types of terrains. The bike is available in different eye-catching and vibrant colors including orange, white, black, blue, and army green.

Front Suspension:

The GAROOTAN M-81 cargo electric bike is also equipped with a 100mm travel oil spring front fork to provide superior comfort and control. This is very effective in absorbing shocks and vibrations without stressing the rider. You can enjoy riding through various terrains including city streets, unpaved trails, and off-road paths with increased comfort and confidence.

Carrying Rack:

This cargo electric bike is installed with an aluminum rear rack to increase the cargo-carrying ability. This detachable rear rack is built to withstand heavy loads and can carry weight up to 100 lbs. You can utilize this detachable rear rack for carrying groceries and extra belongings with you.

Power and Performance of M-81 Electric Bike:

Cargo Carrying Capacity:

The M-81 e-bike boasts an impressive cargo-carrying ability for transporting heavy loads, groceries, and goods. The bike can carry a maximum load of 400 lbs on various terrains equally. Its sturdy construction and heavy loading capacity make it a perfect solution for all your cargo needs to utilize your bike for running errands, delivering goods, and camping rides.

2.0 High-Capacity Battery:

The M-81 cargo electric bike is equipped with a UL-certified Samsung cell 20 Ah battery. It ensures consistent power delivery up to 105 miles range per charge (under PAS 1 mode) and has a long life span with 1000-1500 charging cycles. The battery takes 8-10 hours charging time to fully charge and is supported by a standard 7-shaped US 5-pin charger.

Robust Motor:

This innovative electric bike boasts a powerful 750W rear hub brushless motor that ensures impressive power delivery and climbing ability. The motor is upgraded with a dedicated heat-resistant inner ring to offer reliable operation in challenging conditions. It produces 90 NM torque for conquering hills and rugged terrains without any difficulty.

Throttle and Pedal Assistance:

Addmotor GAROOTAN M-81 e-bike offers a versatile riding experience with its half-twist instant throttle and 7-level pedal assistance. The throttle offers instant acceleration and immediate boost whenever required. On the other hand, 7-level pedal assistance allows the rider to adjust the motor assistance according to the area and their riding need. This bike is a perfect blend of convenience and power with its reliable throttle and PAS system.


In conclusion, the M-81 cargo electric bike is an innovative riding option with UL certification and safety considerations. Dual-certified with UL 2271 and UL 2849, it is more than capable of protecting your ride. And that's what Addmotor has always been committed to doing, whether Addmotor electric bikes or electric trikes, to continually improve the high performance of products and provide reliable transportation solutions for customers.

For more information about the GAROOTAN M-81 e-bike, visit Addmotor's official website.


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